Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nikka Costa

<span class=Nikka Costa - Everybody Got Their Something">

My homie El Chill put me on to Nikka Costa a while back. Due to mp3 backlog, I only checked her 2001 album "Everybody Got Their Something" tonight.

The album is excellent. It's an "Illmatic"-length album with 10 songs (2 skits), and each song is good. The beats are excellent - a diversified mix of uptempo & ballad songs, in the funk, R&B, & soft-rock genres. Costa can sing great also. This album reminds me of the 2006 "Loose" by Nelly Furtado/Timbaland, but this Costa album is even better.

I don't know why Costa isn't a star in the USA, although wikipedia says she is in other countries. I'm surprised the "TI" music execs don't promote her in America - she's an American white woman, who happens to be beautiful, is a great singer, and gets producers with great beats. The same TIs made a star out of the wack Brittney Spears, who only met the first 2 of those 4 criteria. Industry rule #4080 I suppose.

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