Thursday, March 29, 2007

ReThuglican hypocrisy - Guiliani, Gingrich, McCain all cheated on their wife

Check this article that notes that 3 of the top 4 Republican presidential nominees have committed adultery. I guess the 4th guy Romney has been faithful, per his Mormon religion.

Hell I don't care about this personal stuff, & feel it should be personal. However Gingrich was trying to impeach Bill Clinton WHILE HE WAS TAXING A MISTRESS.

Gingrich = candidate for WOAT HYPOCRITE

Like my girl L-Boogie once said "The 666 comes wick' like Newt Gingrich sucks dick".

OTOH the Dem candidates are adultery-free.

In the general election, if one of these 3 guys get the nomination, I hope the minute the ReThugs run negative ads on the Dems, the Dems retaliate & bring up the adultery issue. In fact they should have these negative commercials "in the can" waiting to be launched as campaign WMD on their ReThug hypocritical ass.

1 the adultery factor will alienate the conservative Fundy Xian vote, perhaps the main "base" votes of republicans

2 the hypocrisy factor will alienate independents and all who can't stomach severe hypocritical douche-bags, eg 80%+ of all Americans.

In 04 Dee Dee Dee Kerry refused to do negative campaigns while Gee Dubbz maliciously launched negative ads on LIES about Kerry's Vietnam record. I hope the Dem candidate doesn't make the same mistake in 08.

If they fight dirty, you must do the same. Can't bring a knife to a gun fight, nahmean?

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