Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Loremo diesel car

The homie G Jr told me about this German company Loremo, that has a diesel gasoline powered car to hit the mass market in 2009.

cost: 20K Euro or less
mileage: 87 MPG or 157 MPG (depending on car's HP)
safety: despite being lightweight car, Loremo says the car is very safe
seats: 2+2

This is very interesting to me, I hope they hit the mass market in the USA.

Just think if Peak Oil cause gas prices to triple to $9/gallon. A Loremo driver AT WORST would still have a similar gasoline bill as a typical 2008 car driver with $3/gallon gasoline.

G Jr said he's waiting for a hybrid electric/gasoline car, which would get similar fuel cost as the Loremo.

Question: how is tiny Loremo possibly more innovative than the big car companies like Toyota? Possible collusion between Big Auto, Big Oil, & Big Corporate Welfare ReThuglican Whores? No Art Bell just in case.

As the resident Automotive guru among my commenters, Ambassador I need you to opine here homie. Is Loremo for real or a pipe dream [||]?

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amanda said...

It's just a regular ol' diesel whip, rather than biodiesel or something odd like that? How'd they pull off that kind of mileage?

As far as German diesel cars are concerned, those things are untouchable. At least Benzes are. A diesel Benz made in the early 90's or earlier pretty much won't die. Ever. Unless you murder it. Violently.

So unless there's some sort of catch that I'm missing...this could be a very reliable car. I don't know about it coming into the states though - certain states have restrictions about certain kinds of diesel cars and oddball sorta shit. We'd probably have to adjust some laws first.