Friday, February 15, 2008

David Sirota & Lou Dobbs on trade policy

Fock a wack album by Joe Camel & the 40 yo Pedophile Pied Piper! Here's a Best Of Both Worlds worth a damn!

A discussion of trade, from 2 of the few MSM commentators that actually make some insightful logical points, David Sirota & Lou Dobbs.

This David Sirota guy might be the 1st decent MSM commentator of our generation. Sirota talks about
1 myths on free trade & American employee shortage, & how this is Corporate Welfare at the expense of the American worker, ala Paul Craig Roberts or Thom Hartmann

2 the priorities of the War on Terrorism is fugazi, with the WOAT Dubbz focusing on Iraq which has nothing to do with terrorism, as opposed to securing loose nuclear material in ex-USSR countries, & actually capturing/killing Al Qaeda leaders like Bin Laden (who supposedly is chillin in remote Pakistan).

Hey Obama or H Clinton, pls steal some talking points from an actual thought leader like Sirota!

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