Friday, February 15, 2008

FISA, The Rule of Law, & the Pres election

Olbermann ethers WOAT Bush on FISA.

Props to Olbermann, 1 of the few MSM commentators that understands, respects, & defends the Constitution & the Rule of Law.

Glen Greenwald explains FISA here.

BTW, per Glenn Greenwald, Obama followed the ACTUAL REAL THOUGHT LEADERS in the Senate like DODD & FEINGOLD, in voting against immunity for the telecom companies' illegal spying.

What about the self-proclaimed leader H Clinton? 1 of 2 douche Senators that did not bother to vote!

McCain? Even worse, McCain voted for telecom immunity.

"The Choice is Yours" (c) Black Sheep, but IMHO it's a no brainer:

Obama >> H Clinton >> McCain

Obama, you get "Props Over Here" (c) The Beatnuts

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