Monday, June 18, 2007

editorial: dumbest term ever - "anal retentive"

One of the dumbest terms in modern english usage is "anal" or "anal retentive" (nh?) when referring to someone who is "obsessed with minor details".

It would be bad enough if this were only slang, but it seems this is now an acceptable English phrase.

The great Wikipedia says the term started with Freud, although the current modern meaning is different than the original Freud meaning.

I propose to instead us "detail freak" or "detail obsessed" or "forest-blind tree-seer" or some such.

In civilized society, can't we describe a human behavior without referring to the anus or defecating?

Pause on this whole post.

1 comment:

I Fux said...

totally agree "anal retentive" sounds like something that happens to homos when they parcipitate in faggotry..... ahhhh no homo