Thursday, June 21, 2007

article: Nader might run for Pres in 08

article: Nader might run for Pres in 08. He also Schiavos Hillary in the article.

Question: Are not Nader's policies very similar to Kucinich? Why not just advocate/campaign for Kucinich?

Nader has done a lot of good for consumers with his work for car safety, no doubt. However, dude seems somewhat ego-maniacal here.

OTOH Mike Bloomberg might be running independent. I really hope he does run. He could split apart the Repub vote. Also, if he wins, he might actually be a good moderate president who could get some actual work done. Supposedly his track record as NYC mayor has been good.

Truth Hunter, what say you?

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Truth Hunter said...

I put my comments about Nader and Bloomberg on your "compare presidential candidates" post.

Your Franken Berry aka Fred Thompson gave me a good laugh. Thanks.... I needed that!