Thursday, June 21, 2007

request: objective site to compare Pres candidates?

Is there any site that breaks down the Presidential candidates, in an reasonably objective way, on the following points

1 policies (domestic + foreign)

2 experience as the executive for a big organization (governor, CEO, etc). Note everyone would be good at leading a diverse group of 600K+ employees. If a presidential candidate has never even led a group of 100 employees, I don't want that person doing OTJ training on a huge workforce. There are people that might be a genius intellectually, but would be a bad manager of a huge group of people

3 relevant experience in the policy areas

4 respect to obey the US Constitution, specifically respecting habeas corpus rights & rejecting "unitary executive" nonsense (instead viewing Legislative & Judicial as equal branches to the Executive branch, as per the Constitution. In this era of W Bush, we need the next President to actually respect & adhere to the US Constitution.

5 historical track record of having consistent principles, as opposed to changing the policy based off polling (eg Mitt Romney).

6 campaign contribution, by industry/special interest group. In other words, who will this candidate be "owned by" once elected.

Heck I would be happy with an objective breakdown of just #1 & 2.

Kucinich seems great on #1, but wikipedia says he is horrible on #2, as one of the "WOAT 10 mayors ever" when he was Mayor in Cleveland.

OTOH Richardson seems great on #2 & #3, but his #1 is mediocre.

Also, after this Gee Dubbz era, I'm very concerned about #4. I fear Giuliani will be as bad on #4 as Dubbz is.

If such a site exists & is good, it will be very useful & prolly get mad traffic.

Truth Hunter, maybe you should create one, if none exists?

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Truth Hunter said...

You ask good questions, would that we could know everything about the candidates.... about the best one can do is follow the money.

In that respect, there already is an excellent site, Open Secrets at .

Insofar as Bloomberg and Nader are concerned.... I guess without Nader and his thousands of votes in FL, Gore would have been president and I firmly believe it would be a different.... and far better.... world right now. So for me, that makes it hard to look at Nader objectively.

As an anti-corporate candidate, Nader might appeal to some, but in the end, he won't get the press, or the money, and might once again take votes from a good Dem candidate.

Bloomberg is smart and rich so he might stir things up a bit. He is honeymooning Sen. Chuck Hagel of NE (VP?), who on the surface looks good, but upon closer inspection doesn't pass the smell test.

Without an Independent congress, however, just how much could either Nader or Bloomberg accomplish of their agendas?

Like you, I don't have any answers, just lots of questions and a big wonder.... just why are Bush and congress so bent on dismantling our country.... plunging us into unsustainable debt while politicizing our judicial system and destroying the middle class?

Is there anyone as president who can undo all the damage?

Keep informing people. You have a great site...