Friday, June 22, 2007

Gold Cup Final, USA-MEX Sun Jun-24 3p ET

The Gringo-Buey show down is ON at the Gold Cup final, Sun 3p ET @ Soldier Field in Chicago. It should be covered in both English (Fox Soccer Channel or maybe ESPN2?) & en espanol (Univision or its WC channels). Today in the semis, we Gringos beat our other neighbors from Eh-land, & the Bueys had a "clean sheet" against tiny Cinderella Guadeloupe,

The word “buey” is finna be uttered 34 Billion times on Sunday, on both sides of the border (Mex-Americans & Mexicanos en Mexico), regardless of result:

“Oye buey, no puedo creer que perdimos a los pinche gringos! No mames buey!”


“Les hicimos una vedadero matanza, al estilo “ether”, a esos hijo de puto gringos buey!”

Don't get me wrong, I got mad love for nuestro vecinos los Mexicanos. However, I will be 1 of the 0.3% of Americans that even know this ish is occurring & will be rooting for my fellow Gringos, to make the "bueys" "mamarlo". SI MAMES BUEY! NH. LOL. I'm hoping for a 3-0 type beat-down. Bumps "America, Fock Ya" theme song from Team America movie.

I wonder what the fan support is gonna be like in Chicago (Soldier Field). My guess is at least 70% MEX fans. Nice fockin patriotism! LOL!


ian said...

damn, how come white boys shouldnt say "buey"? kidding of course.

elgringocolombiano said...

^Sup Ian

I don't know if Mexicanos get mad if whitey says "buey". I am not aware it carries a racial stigma like the "n bomb".

What I do know, is that some Mexican cats use "buey" like some Americans use "dude". When I lived in Pittsburgh back in 2001-3, 3 of my best friends were Mexican dudes & Carnegie Mellon MBA students, all mid or late 20s. 1 was from Arizona, the other 2 from Monterrey, MEX.

When talking to those dudes, it was a "buey" literally every 3 seconds. Even more so at a house party when everyone's faded.

I myself am half "whitey" (El Gringo) & half latino (Colombiano). So if "whitey" can't say "buey", I am half-wrong, LOL. No KKKramer.

elgringocolombiano said...

BTW the term "gringo" is complicated also.

In some parts in latin America, it means "American", of any race. Eg gringo could refer to a black or Asian American dude.

Some use it specifically to mean "whitey"

Some use is as non-latino foreigner, eg a random Australian dude in Latin America might be called a gringo.

ian said...

nah, i was born in east LA and grew up in moreno valley and have always had a lot of mexican friends, hell, my babymoms is mexican (though she would be called LaGringaMexicana). playing soccer in these regions and in santa barbara in college, buey is used waaaay more than even white boys in venice beach say dude, and in fact, since i am a down whiteboy, i have been able to use it if i wanted... i just don't because it feels forced. nahmean?

I Fux said...

I think Buey is cool amongst friends but say it to the wrong hispanic and you can get into some issues i.e."a quien le stas diciendo buey, pinche gringo" ......Lol you Mexico has been playing horrificly, I watched every game and I am going for the US but if Landon Donovan scores I am going to switch sides, no perfidious . Now that kid is one Buey que Mama!

elgringocolombiano said...

@Ian, yeah I feel the avoid akwardness part. I've NEVER did a "Fat Joe steez" & dropped n-bombs as an alternate word for "dude". You'll never catch me pullin a KKKramer. Even when quoting rap lyrics, I just use the initial "n"

eg "Who they serve & protect, n, not you"

elgringocolombiano said...

@Fux, is it cool for non-Mexicanos latinos like me to drop "buey".

If not "I'm totally, totally, totally, totally, sorry for that" (c) The Young Turks.

Also, are you saying
no Landon Donovan =
No Weezy Fa-go Goldberg =
nh = pause?

elgringocolombiano said...

BTW, "no mames buey" is the OG "no homo" if you think about it.

I'm quite sure Mexicanos have been saying "no mames buey" for decades.

Rap culture & young black dudes have totally swag-jacked the buey/vato community, in the field of nohomology. NH.