Sunday, June 10, 2007

RG Final aka Federer v Nadal Vol 12

Nadal beat Federer today in the RG Final in 4 sets. No I'm not talking about the 06 Final, I'm talking about the 07 Final today, where the same scenario happened. Deja vu all over again (c) Yogi Berra.

The Brazilian RG 3-time champ Guga Kuerten presented the hardware to Rafa & Fed.

Damn, I was really hoping for Fed to get-er-done, & then maybe pull of the calendar GS in 07.

Congrats to Rafa on the 3rd consecutive RG final at age 21! Rafa & the Mighty Midget Henin are really pwning the clay court singles game in the 2000s.

I see the media today on Jun-10 are saying Fed's opportunity to win RG once may be limited, since most RG winners are under 26, & Fed will be 26 @ RG 2008.

Oh really? Interesting coincidence, I posted the same editorial back on Apr-22.

What is scary is that Rafa could actually improve, where it's hard to see Fed getting much better from his ridic form of 2004-7. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to fall off some in 2008, but definitely by 2010.

Hopefully Fed can get it done in 2008 but it doesn't look great. I have a bad feeling Fed is gonna rack up some ridic number of GS titles like 19 (compared to Sampras RG-less record 14), but never get RG. Then the FedeHATErer crew will step in & try to deny him GOAT status.

This is a tennis example similar to the "butterfly"/chaos theory concept that subtle small things can effect big historical things.

a critical point influences
break of serve influences
winning a GS final match influences
GOAT history discussion

In the women's final, my homegirl Ana got pwned by the Mighty Midget Henin for her 4th RG title (2003, 2005-7). Henin has a record of unsportsmanlike conduct on-court. I'm not a fan. But I can't front on her skills. This is the era of "big babe tennis" (c) Mary Carillo of women like Serena, Sharapova, Davenport, etc that are 40 lb+ heavier & 5+ inches taller. Still the 5-5 125 lb dwarf Henin hits almost as hard as them, & runs way faster. And Henin has a sick 1-handed backhand.

At least Ana is smashing my poll, despite being a real unknown compared to the media love & name recognition that Serena & Shreiky have. VOTING ENDS MONDAY NIGHT, if you still want to vote.

In the men's doubles, there was a WTF occurrence. Daniel Nestor informed his partner (nh) Mark Knowles that he was going to quit their team after Wimby & roll with fellow ethnic Serbian homie Nenad Zimonjic. Despite the acrimony from this action, Nestor/Knowles win RG. WTF, Nestor. I wonder if Nestor/Knowles also win Wimby, will Nestor reverse his dumb decision?

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