Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jay-Z "Black Album" Remixes

A few years ago, when the Jay-Z "Black Album" was released, the record company offered a version of the album that was just acapella with the vocals. This was a big event for the "blend" genre, as tons of mostly unknown producers made their own version of the album with their own beats.

I only listened to a few of these
The Grey Album - this was the big one, as Danger Mouse mashed The Beatles with Jay. Many people preferred this over the actual black album. The Beatles threatened to sue, so the album was only available via the P2P sites.
The Brown Album
Paul Nice
The Purple Album - Prince mashed with Jay

I'm not really interested in hearing any other of these, but if you are, this site catalogs them with download links.


I Fux said...

good looks on this NMB but I am probably not going to dl them. Yo I cant stop bumping La Fokin Moda that song bangs hard.

BELIZE said...

Yo props on this! I still own (ya own (c) the brown album. Best mix cd I copped that year by far, right next to Rap Phenomenon 2