Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Malalai Joya

Most of our American politicians are douches, however the Afghan parliamentarian 28-yr old Malalai Joya is a real thorough, stand-up individual. I saw her interviewed on Democracy Now by Amy Goodman.

Joya tries to expose the corruption & murder of Afghan warlords, & it return gets many assassination attempts. Joya's bravery must be epic.

Recall that the World's WOAT person & douchebag candidate mAnn Coulter said "things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan".

Here's the youtube of the Democracy Now video

Pt 1

Pt 2

Now compare Joya with American politicians. There are a few, like Sen Feingold & Rep Kucinich who will take a principled stand.

However, most are what I call the BITCHMADE COALITION OF THE UNWILLING (BCU), include
Sen Clinton
Sen Obama
Sen Leader Red
House Leader Pelosi

Kucinich has a bill to impeach Cheney for repeatedly violating the Constitution, & another to defund the Iraq War. The BCU won't support these actions.

Joya has the face possible murder to speak the truth & rep her people that elected her. Meanwhile all the BCU has to fear is slander from the corporate right-wing media. Joya is half the age of these BCU lames, but she has 1 Million times the bravery that the BCU will ever have.

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