Saturday, August 18, 2007

opinion - Smoking Section on O'Reilly vs Nas

UPDATE: Video blogger Jay Smooth intellectually obliterates O'Reilly, showing that using O'Reilly's own definition of what O'Reilly labels Nas a gangsta rapper for, O'Reilly HIMSELF is a gangsta rapper.

Plus Smooth shows O'Reilly contradicts himself within 10 seconds! Ha!


This is good opinion article from Smoking Section, on O'Reilly criticizing Nas.

I'm getting really upset with this douche O'Reilly lately. He takes random anonymous comments from DailyKos, or random "negative" lines from Nas, & claims them to be "haters" or "violent".

Nas has made many "positive" songs such as "I Can". Nas also made Illmatic, perhaps the GOAT rap album, & the best album of ALL GENRES in the 1990s. Read that sentence again. A true artist like Nas, should not get bullied out of performing a concert, & have his free speech limited, by a douche O'Reilly.

Meanwhile O'Reilly himself is a known sexual harasser. O'Reilly is also racist, having called Mexicans "wetbacks", & lamenting to McCain that immigration "threatens the white male Christian power structure in America".

One doesn't have to take statements out of context to show that O'Reilly is a "hater", racist, or douche. He makes these statements frequently, to hurt all of our ears.

Fock O'Reilly! If he keeps this up, he will join mAnn Coulter & Micheal Weiner "Savage" as America's worst racist/demagogue/douche commentators

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Fuxie said...

Jay Smooth was right on point unfortunately Bill Orielly will never have him on his show, cien!