Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gee Dubbz' douche #4081 - David Hager

This guy David Hager, may be among the most douchiest of Gee Dubbz' officials yet.

Dubbz appointed Hager to a FDA advisory council.

Hager is a gynecologist, & has extreme evangelical "Christian" religious views.

His 1st wife divorced him, citing that she was anally raped by Hager, when she was sleeping.

Hager mentioned that "he unknowingly hit the wrong place". WTF?!

OK I have 2 comments on this:
1 A gynecologist cannot tell the difference between the vagina & the anus? HA! What. The. Fock!

2 I guess Hager implies that vaginal rape while his wife is sleeping would be acceptable?

I see on Wiki, that Hager's 2nd wife also divorced, for "drugging & raping her"

DAMN! This Hager guy is an epic douche! Too fockin hi-larious, 1 could not make this stuff up!

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