Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama = cowardly bitch on FISA

Obama has been a ReThuglican Lite BITCH lately since HillaRove finally quit, specifically on FISA/Immunity for telecoms.

Greenwald breaks it down like an organic compound.

I hope this an aberration, & not the “real Obama”. It’s ironic & cowardly that Obama, a former Constitution Law Professor, is shyting on the Constitution like this. Big ups to Russ Feingold & his weed carrier Chris Dodd, who are leading the few 15 Senators fighting this bill. Amazing that all these Senators, many of them lawyers, don’t understand the concept of The Rule of Law.

A ReThug Lite cowardly Obama would be still >>> McSame. I voted for Obama in the primary. However, if this is indeed the real Obama, my vote will change from being an “enthusiastic vote” to a “lesser of 2 evils vote”.

That is not change I can believe in.

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Truth Hunter said...

In a perfect world we would be able to hold the Bush administration's feet to the fire.... as well as those who aided and abetted them in their war and other crimes.

But, there are so many abuses that prosecuting them would be a paralyzing... and let's face it with this AG a useless.... distraction, something the country just cannot afford right now.

We're so used to hearing a politician say that they want to bring people together to get things done, and then do no such thing, that someone like Obama who actually seeks compromise in order to move forward is jarring.

But, move forward we must. Forget hard right and left polarizations, it's time for sane compromise. Not easy since we've been forced by unscrupulous manipulators into taking uncompromising positions lest we lose all.

FISA's Title II forgiveness of the telecommunication companies (a provision Obama is against) represents just one "Rule of Law" and Constitution-trashing action of the Bushies.

Remember, The Decider called the Constitution "just a piece of paper."

With our country on the ropes thanks to the Frat Boy, where would you start to punish and put things back in order?

You start with a president, Obama, who has promised to have his Attorney General review the privacy and Constitutional abuses of this administration and set things right.

Don't let the Rovians keep us from the big picture.... throwing the Bush bums out.