Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phone Scoop

Phone Scoop is a site the Radio Shack guy recommended, as a independent site that comments on mobile phone service & mobile phones.

I'll watch this site to see what happens to Boost Mobile. I'm a new Boost customer, but because of the crappy frequent dropped calls & "No Service 2F" outages, I'm gonna roll with $0.10/min for a while & "wait & see" if Boost actually scales up their infrastructure capacity, like they claim they're doing, to handle their massive increase in customers. The Radio Shack dude opined Boost will be able to scale up sufficiently within 2-3 months. Not sure if I believe it, but don't hate Boost enough yet to quit. Even no-contract Boost has the "switching cost" of having to cop another phone if I were to switch. Damn you switching costs!

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