Monday, March 22, 2010

HC Bill elimination of pre-existing condition: True or Bogus?

One of the supposed great benefits of this health care bill, HR #4872, is that starting in 2014, pre-existing conditions & rescission will be made illegal.

However, there is some articles claiming these customer protections are bogus, insofar as a health care insurer could still do rescission existing customers or deny existing customer for pre-existing conditions because

1 No strong enforcement - firedoglake

My sense is that without strong regulation, a sick broke consumer will not get justice, fighting a health ins co & its army of lawyers.


2 Weak fine on health ins co, will be viewed as "cost of doing business"

This article claims Michael Moore claims the ins co fine is $100/day.  So for costly treatments, such as cancer, an ins co could just say wait 1 year for the patient to day, & pay the $36.5K fine, as opposed to the $50K or $200K or whatever cost of actual health care treatment.

There was another article (don't recall source) claiming this fine was a flat $5K.

I've not been able to figure this out.  I searched online.  I called my House Rep, & Public Citizen.  In each case the operator transferred me to the relevant "expert", which went directly to voicemail.

Do any of you know?  If so could you indicate whether

1 the illegalizing of pre-existing conditions & rescissions is true or bogus?

2 Point to the specific page nbr(s) of the bill with the relevant evidence, along with a url link to said bill

Pls drop knowledge in the comments.

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