Thursday, May 27, 2010

teachers getting laid off for lack of $23B

Jane Hamsher firedoglake article

Teachers about to get their jobs murked, for lack of $23B

My take not covered in this good article. AFAICT to raise the 23B no politrickians talking about cutting military, which is more than the rest of world combined when the US is only 25% world economy. How bout cutting medicare/aid physician pay to raise $23B, when US physicians are making 1.5X-3.0X pay of physicians in any other rich country like Canada, UK, Japan?

Military & physicians pwn DC politrickians. Teachers have a medium strength union, not on those other levels. It's more important to military & physicians to get unreasonably high funding, than for there even to be enough teachers to do the job. I guess the teachers at least have medium strong union, more than the no union-having engineer/scientists that keep getting H1B'd & offshore outsourced like a mofo.

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