Friday, February 22, 2008

album search via google

Surprisingly, it is quite easy to search for many albums via a simple google search these days!

Obligatory disclaimer: any links should be used for review purposes only. If you enjoy the album you obtained via the web, you should buy the album or pay them somehow, by say going to their concert or buying a tee shirt or some shiz.

Ok, here's how to album search via google.
1 go to
2 use this format in your search: "Artist" "Album" .rar
3 peruse the following links to find an album. Personal blogs, especially urls, seem to be very good for finding albums.

album: Method Man & Redman 1999 Blackout
Method Man & Redman - Blackout!

2 type "Method Man & Redman" "Blackout" .rar in google & search
3 peruse the google links
This link has the album

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