Friday, February 22, 2008

Hirsh opinion on War on Terror

Michael Hirsh has a great opinion article, recommending that Obama end the nebulous War On Terror, & instead pursue a specific war on Al Qaeda.

Amen brotha! The last so few years I get so frustrated how most Americans have fallen for WOAT Bush's WOT rhetoric, conflating Iraq on Al Qaeda. A nebulous War On Terror may never end. OTOH a specific war to capture/kill Al Qaeda top leaders like Bin Laden, as well as accounting for dangerous nuclear & biological material in the form USSR countries, IS a necessary, appropriate, definable, & doable job.

Obama has the charisma to explain this concept to the American sheeple who have been mislead by the WOT rhetoric.

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Truth Hunter said...

Thanks for pointing out this article.... Hirsh is so right.

McCain would keep us embroiled in a losing "war on terror" against the boogiemen he sees everywhere in the Middle East. His presidency would be a disaster.

Obama can set a new tone and refocus our military efforts on the real Al Qaeda culprits.