Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DVD backup

FYI, a friend of mine demonstrated to me how to use the following Windows OS-compatible softwares to backup his DVD collection. I believe these softwares are temp freewares for a limited time (60 days?) for evaluation, which eventually require a purchase, but I'm not sure.

Legal disclaimer: The following should be used to backup your own legally purchased DVDs, as opposed to other possible uses.

1 AnyDVD, which strips out the copyright/DRM protections on the DVD.
2 CloneDVD, which
2a allows you to select the "chapters" you want to burn. For example, you can deselect the commercials that often accompany the beginning of DVD movies, or say the "bonus scenes"
2b if necessary, it allows you to compress the data to fit on a standard 4.7 GB DVD-R disc, since many store bought DVDs use the 8GB DVD+R DL format.

Supposedly there's a 100% freeware for the Windows OS, DVD Shrink, but I have not used it/tried it.

Let me know if this helps.

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