Saturday, March 1, 2008

right-wing media bias: Obama/Farrakhan v McCain/Hagee

Greenwald has an article, exposing the right-wing media bias in condeming Obama, due to Farrakahn's support of Obama, while ignoring McCain's support from Hagee.

The ironic thing is that Obama "denounced & rejected" Farrakahn's support, while McCain campaigns/loves Hagee.

I guess it's also relevant that Farrakahn has made racist statements against Jews, where Hagee is a much more versatile racist, hating Blacks, Muslims, Catholics, & gays.

Unfortunately most of the MSM is right-wing biased, & live by the IOKIYAR rule.

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Dallas said...

I'm down with IOKIYAR, yeah you know me.

What's up with your boy R-Fed? Dude is washed up already?