Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TH opinion on H Clinton's negative campaign tactics on Obama

H Clinton won the Mar-5 primaries in TX/OH/RI, while Obama won VT.

Perhaps H Clinton ReThuglicanesque negative campaign tactics are working.

Truth Hunter explains the cost of these dirty tricks. Once again, TH > lamestream media (MSM). For insightful commentary on US politics & current events, read TH periodically.

Obama seems to hate negative campaigning, perhaps Obama feels it would detract from his positive hopeful/change message. Thus, IMHO Obama needs a hatchet man to go on the MSM daily & gang-ether H Clinton & McCain. To use a Cenk Uyger phrase, Obama's hatchet man "needs to get a couple of blow torches & lead pipes & go to work". Obama needs to learn the lessons of Kerry 04, & NOT allow H Clinton or McCain to "swift-boat" Obama.

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