Thursday, March 6, 2008

Obama > H Clinton in winning EC votes

I have 2 words for H Clinton. Scoreboard Biatch!

Despit H Clinton swift-boat-ish ReThuglican tactics on Obama, Obama is still the better candidate to beat McCain:

Obama 280 v McCain 258
H Clinton 276 v McCain 262

Barring an Obama scandal, H Clinton has no realistic chance of catching Obama in the Pledged Delegates or overall total vote, 2 measures of ACTUAL VOTES from regular American voters. The way H Clinton is smearing Obama, if there were any Obama scandal existing, H Clinton would have surely exploited it by now. Realistically the only chance H Clinton can win is by unelected "Super Delegates".

H Clinton already has a legion of irrational right-wingnut haters. If she steals the Dem Nomination by Super Delegates, she will also have a very rational new legion of haters on the left & the center, whose vote H Clinton defecated on in the Dem primary. Given the hate H Clinton would then across the political spectrum, I would not be surprised to see a 1984 Regan v Mondale style ethering of H Clinton by McCain.

Howard Dean & the other Dem Party TIs need to do something before H Clinton gives John McLame McSame the chance to continue WOAT Bush's horrible policies.

Where are the fair-weather ex-Dem candidates? Dodds had the nuts [||] to take a stand & back Obama. What about Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich?

The sad thing is that H Clinton wasn't so selfish, she might could become Obama's VP, Supreme Court judge, or the Sen Majority leader to replace wack bitchmade Harry Reid.

Instead, H Clinton is taking the risk of being persona non grata to Democrats, say 100X Ralph Nader.

TH has similar thoughts on this fiasco, here.

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