Monday, May 26, 2008

Olberman ethers Hillary Clinton

Olberman intellectually ethers Hillary for her implying that Obama might get murdered.

I never recall a Democratic candidate with such Rove-like tendencies as Hillary, at least not among the Presidential candidates.

It really seems that Hillary just cares about Hillary's power. Any other considerations, such as what's best for the USA or the Dem party, are minor secondary considerations to Hill-Rove.

At this time, I believe the Hillary conspiracy may be true that Hillary just wants weaken Obama, so Obama will lose to McCain, so that Hill can re-run in 2012.

If 3rd parties didn't have such a poor record in the US Pres. race, I believe Hillary would pull a Lieberman & run indy in 2008.

F Hillary. In 2009, I hope she is shunned & sonned by Pres Obama & her Senate colleagues. No leadership position in the Senate, no VP, no Supreme Court justice offer, you gets nothing Hillary.

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DP said...

I think Hillary is scorching the Earth because she realizes that she will never be president.

The American people she has offended during her campaign will never vote for her and the staunch rethug supporters were never going to give their vote to her.

She is left with the remaining feminazis and Clinton nostalgia fans.

McCain is falling apart himself. Arch conservative evangelicals that he has courted are making Rev. Wright look like a Boy Scout. Plus, anyone with one tenth of the common sense GOD gave a clam know that McCain is banana bread crazy.