Monday, June 2, 2008

Is Bob Barr a brotha?

Wonkette speculates that Libertarian candidate Bob Barr has some African ancestry. I never thought of that or cared, but dude does look similar to Rev Wright!

If Barr is part African, that would be ironic in this election. Barr looks to be getting his "Nader 2000 on" in this election, taking enough McCain votes away to help his "brotha" Obama out in maybe at least 1 key swing states. I read that poll gives Barr 6% of the national vote in a Obama-McCain-Barr race. I assume that all the other 3rd party cats like Nader, McKinney etc will be collectively < 1% this time around. GA, Barr's home state, could switch from being a "solid red state" to a swing state, give Barr's hometown vote, + high likely pro-Obama turnout of black voters.

The situation looks good for my candidate Obama, as long as HillaRove finally goes home already!

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