Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama selects physicist Steven Chu for Sec of Energy

Obama nominates for Sec of Energy Dr Steven Chu, a cabinet member that's an real work doer/thinker/engineer, as physicist. As opposed to candidates that are more of BS work doer/salesman/politrickian than real work doers, like H Clinton & Larry Summers. Bill Richardson is kind of half salesman, half real-work doer, as he has significant work experience in many Government sectors.

Anyways, it's great to see a physicist like Chu at the Dept. of Energy, at a time where allocating resources to different alternative renewable energy projects will be pursued. Chu is a Nobel Prize winner in physics, so his capability for this task is about infinite that of a typical generic DC douche lawyer/politrickian.

Too bad Obama skipped on real work doer Susan Rice to be Secretary of State, a PhD with 20 years of diplomat experience. Instead, Obama went with saleswoman/poltirickian Hill Dog Clinton, whose diplomat experience consists of meeting some foreign leaders while being First Lady in the 1990s.

The government, & US organizations in general public or private, could stand to use more real work doers/engineers/scientists/genuine subject matter experts/PhDs, & less bs work doers/salesmen/politrickians/lawyers.

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