Friday, December 12, 2008

Stevie Wonder "All Day Sucker" = GOAT song on "calenta huevo hoes"

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

This funk song "All Day Sucker" off of Stevie Wonder 1976 Song In The Key Of Life is great. The beat is great, sick funky guitar & even the random xylophone on the chorus. Outstanding 5/5.

Also the lyrics are very relatable to any guys that have dealt with a calenta huevo girl. Aka approximately 99.7% of all heterosexual men alive. And that number is prolly rising, because it seems the plague of calentahuevoism is most likely rising in the past few years from all anecdotal evidence.

What is a calenta huevo girl/woman? Calenta Huevo is a genius term an old Peruvian friend from Dallas invented, literally means a "ball warmer". A girl that flirts tremendously with a dude, but in the end just wants to be friends, &/or use the dude to do some task, such as help her move apartments.

To be clear, I'm not being misogynistic, many women are very altruistic/non-calenta huevoish, just like many women are calenta huevoish. Just like a fair mind women would say many dudes are jerks or non-jerks.

Free Consulting to anyone if relevant: some sociologist do a PhD on trends in calentahuevoism since 1976 to 2008.

Damn, so many of Stevie's lyrics are timeless. The song "Black Man" should be played at Obama's inauguration

If you feel me [||] on calentahuevoism, hit up the comments on ur calenta huevo stories.

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