Monday, January 12, 2009

CNN profiles the underemployed

Case studies on how several workers have seen their careers ethered, going from 110K to 33K for instance.

Keep in mind these "underemployed" don't show up in the U3 reported unemployment figures. They sometimes show up in the U6 figures.

Expect to see more college degreed "knowledge workers" driving trucks, taxis, waiters, etc. Nothing wrong with those jobs, but it shows the social contract in the US is broken. Workers take time, & often debt, to become a knowledge worker.

Apparently in the US now, it's a luxury to work a knowledge worker job until retirement.

Unions & pro-employee government policies are needed ASAP. Let's see if Obama & the Dems do a little something for us wage slaves & unemployed wage slaves, or they bitch out as Corporate Whore DINOs ala Bill Clinton did on NAFTA in the 90s.

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Belize said...

"Workers take time, & often debt, to become a knowledge worker."