Thursday, January 8, 2009

Howard Dean gets no love like foster kids

Howard Dean, was an innovator in using the internet for campaign donations in his 2004 Presidential Campaign. Dean also innovated as the Democratic Party Chair (aka DNC Chair) with the "50 State Strategy", which led to the Dem party performing well in the 2006 & 2008 elections. Both Dean innovations greatly influenced Obama's 2008 campaign.

Note that many typical "centrist Dems" like Rahm Emmanul, Bill & H Clinton & her WCs like space alien/campaign advisor James Carville all scorned Dean for trying something different. Dean's approach was more democratic a "bottom-up" approach from everyday people on the internet. The old Clinton approach was "top down" appealing to big rich individual & corporate donors, & ignoring the grass roots, especially in "red states" that recently had been voting ReThug.

This C&L article notes Dean will not even be at new DNC Chair Tim Kaine's induction ceremony. It states that Obama Chief of Staff & former Dem US Rep Rahm Emmanuel was a big Dean & 50 State Strategy hater, & may have something to do with Dean not being named to a Cabinet office in the Obama staff.

Dean, a former VT Governor who implemented a good health care reform, & a physician, could have been a great qualified pick for a health-related position, but Obama gave Health & Human Services to Tom Daschle, & Surgeon General to CNN TV medical PR dude Sanjay Gupta.

What the fock. No reward for doing a great job for Dean. Dean "gets no love like foster kids".

Obama has made some good decisions like naming Dr Chu to Sec Energy, & is infinitely superior to WOAT Bush or McShame. Despite this, with moves like shafting Dean [||], Obama is half-wack in his approach so far. Man, funk dat (c) Sagat.

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