Thursday, January 8, 2009

ur racist files: Busta Rhymes "Arab Money"

Damn, I guess ignorance is bliss on not listening to music on the radio.

I randomly saw this Busta Rhymes video "Arab Money"

wtf is more offensive:

1 Busta's WC/R&B chorus singer singing Koran verses vocoder-style

2 Busta bragging about gambling with the late Palestinian leader Arafat

3 arab & douche DJ Khaled cooning/dancing in the video

Maybe Busta could get make even more publicity & partially make amends for offending arabs, by giving half the profits of the iTunes single sales to the UN Gaza efforts in the current Israeli massacre of Gaza Palestinians.

I don't think this is what pro-globalization stans have in mind as a shining example of globalization.

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