Friday, April 13, 2007

article - Defending Don Imus

Cenk from The Young Turks has an interesting article defending free speech, and showing that other talking heads like mAnn Coulter are 1000X worse than Don Imus.

Imus is a douche, but shouldn't have gotten fired


I Fux said...

true this whole situation is pretty fucked, they said the main reason was Imus didnt seem geniune or recalcitrant(sp) of his comments, whatever the day I cant say what I what or type it seems like its coming soon.

Side Note: Have you listened to the new Game mixtape, I dont know if thats your thing but he completely smashes it, best mixtape I have listened to since the Bar Exam

elgringocolombiano said...

nah Fux, I haven't listen to the Game mixtape. Anything I listen to I rate on RYM, FYI.

Yo BTW peep my RYM, I got up new list for the best 2007 albums & tracks

Anonymous said...


disagree with you here. Imus getting fired is NOT a free speech issue. It is primarily an issue of his employers worried about losing sponsors. It was a private decision, made by a private employer. It isn't like he was thrown in jail - that would've been a free speech issue.

Re-examine the logic, homes.