Saturday, April 14, 2007

Media Matters' list of right-wingnuts whose bigotry exceeds Imus

Media Matters has a list of right-wingnuts whose speech is far worse than Imus. It has links to audio or video of some of the examples of these douche-nuts' bigotry/racism/xenophobia/sexism.

I don't think Imus should have been fired, due to free speech. Perhaps many people could've boycotted Imus, which might have caused his ratings to drop so much that he would get fired for low ratings. I think that would have been more effective in opposing bigotry than firing Imus. However, if Imus was not fired, he might have cleaned up his show. Supposedly Imus did not have a history of extreme bigotry like mAnn Coulter or Michael Savage.

If anyone should be fired due to bigotry, it's Coulter & Savage.

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Gabriel said...

The reason he was fired was that the sponsors of the show were bailing left and right. So, in the end, it was an opportunity for CBS and MSNBC to take the stance of we are proud that we are cleaning up the media. What I found to be the most ridiculous thing was how Imus and others compare him to rappers and how it is a double standard. Snoop said it best when he said there is no comparison, Snoop raps about real Hos and problems in the hood, where Imus attacks well educated Black women who are also fantastic athletes.