Thursday, April 12, 2007

Playlist - Pls Retry the Playlist - 2007

Pls note the "Playlist - 2007" in the upper left hand side of my blog.

If you haven't tried this yet, pls try it, by pressing the "play" button, which is the 2nd button from the left.

If you have tried this yet, but before Wed Apr-11 evening, PLS RETRY AGAIN. Fux & Belize, try it again if you can.

Pls reply in the comments

1 Did the music stream well without too many "buffering pauses" where you had to wait for the music to play?

2 How was the sound quality?

Thx in advance for testing this!


I Fux said...

Yo I can play it freely on my Mac its on a PC where I have issues ......RYM, I am all over the place and rating albums is truly hard for me to do either its wack mediocre or dope......and music is really hit or miss as far as coming to a general consensus.....I love the new Devin and Consequence album but my friends find them corny or boring......

elgringocolombiano said...

yo Fux try it again.

I made the files much 4X+ smaller by downgrading them to like 48 kbps. For me this change makes it so it streams well & smoothly. But I want to see if others experience a smooth stream (nh) without buffering pauses.

I Fux said...

By the way on the Busta tip I remember seeing him in Higher Learning and thinking he was incredible and I started checking for him after that, I thought he was hilarious.....Side Note: He was also dope in Shaft