Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CREAM - money rules the 2008 Pres Election

Check this site Open Secrets which lists the amount of money raised by Pres candidates.

Check my table of the money raised by the Dem & Repub polling vote from the USA Today Gallup poll from 2007-Apr-13

Clinton 31% $36.0
Obama 26 25.7
Edwards 16 14.0
Richardson 3 6.2
Biden 1 4.0
Dodd 1 8.7
Giuliani 35 16.6
McCain 22 13.0
Romney 9 23.4

NOTE - I excluded the candidates that could NOT RAISE 10% THE AMOUNT OF THEIR PARTY'S LEADER.

This approach only leaves 6 Dems & 3 Repubs. 7th place Dem Kucinich has about $0.3M, far less that 10% of Clinton's $36.0M. 4th place Repub Brownback has $1.8M, less than 10% of Romney's $23.4M.

Unfortunately, it looks like the ability to raise money is going to Schiavo off most of the field way before the first primary in 2008Q1. I wish the ideas, policy, and work experience of the candidates could actually be more relevant.

Hopefully Richardson will
"figure out he's going the wrong route" & "get with a sick-ass click" of fundraisers & "go all out" (c) Raekwon.
Otherwise he'll "neglect it for now, but yo, it's got to be expected. That what? That life is hectic" (c) GZA.
CREAM (c) Method Man

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