Saturday, April 28, 2007

My GOAT Rap album list - Update Apr-28

Apr-28: I updated the list. The same 25 are there, but the ranking has changed up for the #13-25 albums somewhat
The Straight Bangin blog is doing a "vote" for the Top 25 GOAT rap album list

I put in my own vote naturally using the RYM list functionality. I have a visual display of my list in the jpg photo above, please excuse my newbie jpg manipulation skills (lack thereof).

My criteria:
1 only 1 album per artist

2 primary emphasis on beats, although vocals (rap skill level) & subject matter also a factor

3 judge album by personal replay value to me, not significance in the development of the rap genre's history. Hence some "consensus picks" are missing. Let me preempt "hate mail": you might say I'm an Okayplayer & Latino rapper stan. Although the 90s was the best decade, I actually prefer the maligned 00s to the "golden era" 80s. Foreign Exchange is from North Carolina (& the Netherlands), so don't rant that I'm "hating on the South".

I have Tribe's "Midnight Marauders" coming in as the GOAT. I encouraged you to give that album a listen, to experience its excellence in beats & rhymes, whether it's your 1st or 1o1st time.

Give your own list, or comment on my list, in the comments.


Dallas said...


I was totally going to use that program you laced for me and the cRap Music Fantasy League until I saw your list. I was like, "Damn, Gringo did so much work for me on this spreadsheet I need to make him my intern."

Here's the deal playboy... If you do the programming for the cRap Music Fantasy League I will send you an official pair of NIKE Dunks. Word to Big Bird smoking herb on the curb.

This way I can focus on writing the weekly drops and I will e-mail you the info and you will run the spreadsheet. BTW, you can still play in the league too.

Let me know if I can fucks with you on this? NHJIC

elgringocolombiano said...

^Sup Dallas,

Thanks for the props on my DP cRap Scoreboard.xls spreadsheet.

I think that the spreadsheet is such that
you editing it weekly
-would be easier & quicker than-
you e-mailing me the data weekly, me running the spreadsheet & emailing it back

What do you think? Should I give you a call for a quick discussion on the spreadsheet?

Dallas said...

Okay, if you say so. When i get to my apt tonite I will play around with it to see how it finctions.

I was wore down before trying to complete all my writing assignments and turn this project around.

Let me play with the software tonite.

elgringocolombiano said...

^cool. Like I said in the e-mail, I can improve the spreadsheet if something is needed.

Eff with it & provide some "user feedback". No Big 5 IT Consultant ripping off a Fortune 500 corporate user.

I Fux said...

Yo Gringo your list is cool I cant really argue. I figure my list would have alot of your stuff in different places but ultimately its really hard for me to come up with 25.
but I got 5 here
1. OB4CL
2. The Chronic
3. Makakveli
4. Ready to Die
5. Illmatic
6. Capitol Punishment

Hey that was cool how you did it with the cover of used RYM right?

I Fux said...

^^^ see what I mean that is 6

elgringocolombiano said...

^Fux, for the photo,
1 I used RYM
2 then did "Print Screen"
3 paste the "Print Screen" capture into a image editor
4 Cut a square of the image to trim out the extra part of the image that wasn't the album covers

BELIZE said...

Yoo i didnt even notice u had Deliquent habits, niggaz be slippin on them.