Saturday, April 28, 2007

Democratic Presidential candidate 1st debate

The Democratic Presidential candidates had their 1st debate on Apr-26 in Orangeburg, SC.

Props to Belize to alerting me to this fact that there was a debate. I don't know much about these candidates so I'll watch this debate. I like what I've read about Richardson's extensive work experience, but I don't know much about him or any of these folks.

All 8 candidates participated:

Joe Biden (Senator-DE)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (Sen-NY)
Christopher Dodd (Sen-CT)
John Edwards (former Sen-NC)
Mike Gravel (former Sen-AK)
Dennis Kucinich (US House of Representatives-OH 10th District, which is northern OH near Cleveland)
Barack Obama (Sen-IL)
Bill Richardson (Governor-NM)

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