Thursday, September 13, 2007

fwd - "Democracy While Black" - Rev. Lennox Yearwood

I saw this story on Democracy Now. Rev. Lennox Yearwood, a black man, was tackled by the cops & injured when attempting to enter the General "Betray Us" Petraus congressional hearing.

I thought this was America! I believe Bush had something to do with telling the cops to restrict any "unfriendly" citizens from the hearing. Once again, Bush shits on the Constitution. In this case, they also engage in flat out racism. Pathetic.

BTW, the ReThugs saying that to leave in Iraq is "cut & run"?

Fine, I accept that, I am a "cut & runner"

But, you brainless ReThugs that want to stay in an Iraqi Civil War without a strategy, are "STAY & DIE". Repeat that to everyone you know. "Oh, so you're 'stay & die', huh"? It's brief & true, & might get an Iraq War supporter to *gasp* think critically!

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