Sunday, September 9, 2007

fwd - Notes of a Federer Watcher

Even literary critics have become fellow Fed stans! Nice article, where the authors describe Fed & words & back it up with youtubery, to show what can't really fully be described with words.

is Reminder: Sunday 4:30p CBS: USO Final Fed vs Djokovic. Fed is gonna cop his 12th GS title & be the 1st 4-time consecutive USO men's singles champ since BILL TILDEN in 1923! Djokovic is finna "get Serbed".

Fed stays winning!


Dallas said...

El Gringo! I see you man. Djok is finna 'Get Serbed'!

You win for that line alone.

Fuxie said...

Federer is the truth I guess though that he will never cross over enough to get that Hollywood Guap, but that is also niether here nore there. Yo Gringo there is a clip floating of Mighty Mos and Cornel West on Bill Maher's show its quite funny and inciteful.