Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Roger Federer = Undisputed KOAS & Sept. 11 Champion

So is the big question today who won Sept. 11, since several albums & news video mixtapes have been released by the following:

Kanye West?
50 Cent?
bitch-ass Kenny Chesney?
sociopath murderer & Bush family crony Osama Bin Laden?

fock all them also-rans!

The Sept. 11 winner is
the KOAS = King Of All Sports

Fed just copped Grand Slam title #12 at the US Open. Fed is only 2 titles behind [||] the great Pete Sampras, & only 26 years old.

Tiger Woods? Tiger is relegated to being the weed carrier of his homie the Great Fed.

You say my words on Fed are borderline stannery? I say "ha ha, you can't tell me nothing!" (c) Kanye, who also "bows in the present of greatness" with respect to FED!

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