Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iowa Democratic party, NOT democratic, exclude Kucinich

This is really bogus. Tom Harkin & other Iowa Democratic party hacks don't invite Kucinich to Iowa Democratic events, even though Kucinich with 3% of the Iowa vote in polls, is sonning the invited Biden & Dodd who each had 1% in the polls. Here's the story. Here's Kuncinich's statement on this nonsense.

It's bad enough that small Iowa, with 2.9 M people, has such a large role in determining the Presidential nominees in a country of 300M people.

It's bad enough that a rural state, has such a large role in a country that's mostly urban & suburban.

It's bad enough that a non-diverse state that is 96% white, has such a large role in a diverse country.

But now, the Iowan elites are trying to restrict WHICH nominees get to be selected by this SMALL group of Iowan voters. SMH. Is Kuncinich status of NOT being a corporate whore, making the elites restrict him out of the game? Pathetic.

At least Richardson was invited there.

Hey my political heads, you gotta comment on this one. Especially Truth Hunter, as an Iowan. Anonomo/Lucho, you too.


Truth Hunter said...

elgringocolombiano, The Harkin Steak Fry is probably the BIG event in Iowa for Democrats during a campaign season, on par with the GOP Ames Straw Poll. Harkin usually invites only one person, maybe two.

This year, as I understand it, the invitees all have substantial campaign organizations in Iowa and actively campaign on a grass-roots basis.

Which, of course, is the whole point of a small state like Iowa being first-in-the-nation. Because of our small size, and the interest and active participation of so many of Iowa's citizens, it really is possible for voters to size up a candidate. I personally have met every candidate campaigning here, listened to them, and been able to ask questions of them.

Kuchinch has elected not to go this route and make his presence felt in Iowa. His campaign "office" is an email address. Not even a telephone number.

So.... while I won't defend Iowa's first-in-the-nation status, I will defend the fact that only those actively campaigning in Iowa were invited to the fry.

Of course, Kuchinch is a vegan, and also was at a fundraiser at the Small Town Coffee House in Kapaa, Hawaii on Sunday....

BTW, the "rules" for who was invited were worked out by the Iowa Democratic Party and the Iowa Federation of Labor according to Citizens for Harkin.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I know next-to-nothing about who organized this event, so it seems Truth Hunter has sized this up pretty well, being an Iowan.

I agree, though, all the Dems should be at LEAST invited. Extreme arrogance not to do this. Tom Harkin should apologize.

My 2 cents.