Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blue Scholars' video for "Back Home"

I'm a fan of the Seattle rap group Blue Scholars, I had given their excellent album Bayani a review here.

They have a good emotional song "Back Home" about the American soldiers in Iraq. It turns out they made an excellent, powerful video. Not only my political heads, or rap heads should watch this. Basically everyone should take 5 minutes & watch this video. Really MTV & CNN should be playing this, but I don't expect it in our lame corporate American MSM. So if you like it, forward it to your friends.


Truth Hunter said...

It's disgusting and outrageous that the Senate is more interested in cheap political gestures, like censuring MoveOn for their Petraeus ad, than in finding a way out of Iraq.

Bring 'em home. Amen.

Fuxie said...

Yo I still havent listened to these dudes

Anonymous said...

It's not only disgusting, it's wrong and horrible and UN-f***IN'-CCEPTABLE for the Senate and House to keep pretending to be against the war. The funds must be cut to stop it, and people should refuse to support any congressman or presidential candidate who does not pledge to cut funds to end it. I heard Hillary on the talking head shows this weekend, saying she'll vote to cut funds, but I will only believe it when I see it.