Thursday, October 11, 2007

Armenian genocide

BBC has an FAQ on the Armenian Genocide by Turkey in WW1.

The US House passed resolution acknowledging the genocide, & bitchmade Turkey recalled their US Ambassador.

Kudos to the Armenians who get some small acknowledgement of it. I listen to a System Of A Down album recently, a rock band of Armenian-Americans from LA, & they had a song about the genocide.

For some reason, in America, no one wants to acknowledge genocides, with the exception of the Jewish genocide by Nazi Germany in WW2. Yes, what happened to the German Jews was very tragic.

However, the next time Hollywood makes a movie about Genocide, consider making the 1st movie about the

Armenian genocide
Native American genocide in 16-19th Centuries
Sudan/Darfur current genocide

instead of making the 4080th movie about the German Jews?

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Dallas said...

industry rule #4,080...

movie studios are shaaaaaaaady.