Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kanye West pwned 50 Curtis

Despite Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson insufferable trash-talking, Kanye West out-sold 50 in their 1st week sales, of their respective albums dropped on Sep. 11. Kanye sonned 50 957K to 691K.

50 said "he would retire" if he lost the sales race. Like a politician, 50 has backpedalled & flip-flopped from this statement.

After the 1st week, 50 continued the trash-talking, saying that Kanye's record label bought many copies, & was the only reason Kanye won. 50 noted he would eventually sell more.

Oops! 4 weeks in & Kanye is still pwning 50, 1.409M to 956K.

Of course, Kanye also Schiavod 50 in critical acclaim.
1 as of today, Metacritic has Kanye winning 79 to 57.
2 gives Kanye 4/5, to 50's 3.5/5
3 as of today, gives Kanye 3.52/5, & the #152nd best album of 2007. 50 gets a 1.74/5.


Kanye could easily talk trash on dude, but ironically in a somewhat mature trait, Kanye only beefs with George Bush & the media.

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BELIZE said...

Double Plat in UK(in one week) > 957K (in one week)

aye..just saying