Friday, October 12, 2007

Phonte leaks his own Little Brother album

Little Brother - Getback

Phonte leaks his own Little Brother album.

What a great trend. I love it.

Radiohead released their album via free download, with an optional donation that fans can give. The ironic thing is Radiohead will prolly make more money this way, then they did from their record company using the traditional CD-selling method of prior albums.

Little Brother have a small niche, but loyal, fanbase. My guess is Phonte figures by leaking it, he might make more new fans that might eventually pay him in some way, eg go to his show, buy a t-shirt, by an old LB album, etc.

This trend of leaking albums is good for everyone, except music industry "TI" executives, vultures who don't "add any value" anyways. It's good for the artist, & the fans. "God bless, go forward" (c) The Young Turks' Cenk.

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ian/thoreauly77 said...

yup, i agree. and the new LB is sick.