Monday, November 5, 2007

experimenting with new MP3 freeware app set

I'm experimenting with using these freeware apps/tools for managing my mp3 collection. Natch, if you have any experience/thoughts on these apps, or the MP3 "process" in general, pls hit up the comments.

mp3 player - Foobar2000 Note foobar has extensive functionality & is highly customizable.

Foobar tutorial site - Foobar2000 Manual

columns UI 2.0 add-in functionality - Columns UI

MP3 tag editor - MP3Tag v2.39


BELIZE said...

Yo..u know how to stream music on ur blog using the wordpress app?

BTW...u still aint give me a details of how u want that mixtape cover. Get at me dog (no X)

elgringocolombiano said...

sup Belize,

as far as that DJ mixtape idea I had, not sure if I'm gonna do it. Just forget about it for now, I'll ask you about it again if I decide to make the tape.

re wordpress app - I'm not familiar with that

I made a "customer support" request to DivShare & they actually replied in 1 day. Good customer service, especially considering DivShare is a free service!

Basically Divshare will have a playlist functionality "in the next few days". You will be able to share any folder of mp3s you have on your divshare account, as a playlist.

It seems like this functionality would pwn anything else similar that exists, like

Not sure what "next few days" means, hopefully DivShare will have it out by yearend.