Monday, November 5, 2007

"Vamos David" Nalbandian is the truth

David Nalbandian has dominating the Fall Indoor circuit, winning the Masters Series tourneys in Madrid & Paris, being 5-0 against the Top3 players along the way, beating Federer twice, Djokovic once, & SONNING Nadal twice in straight-set beatdowns.

I use to annoy an Argentino guy on my ALTA rec tennis team by screaming "vamos Dav-iiiid" when he was playing. But after this Fall, I doubt anyone would not want to be compared to Nalbandian. Funny story, in the playoff match this weekend, 2 Argentinos played line #2 & Schiavod the opponents 61 60, even though 1 of the opponents was a great 4.5 USTA player. Afterwards I said "I'm not surprised, no way the Argies gonna lose, after witnessing their paisano David. Olvidalo che! No mames buey!"

Nalbo ended up finishing 9th in the ATP Race, so he's 1st alternate for the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai which starts like Nov 11. I'm hoping someone withdraws from TMC, in order for Nalbo to play. Roddick is saying he might sit out to rest up/prepare for the Davis Cup final v RUS, which happens right after the TMC. I'd like to see A-Rod play, so hopefully someone else like Davydenko aka Phil Collins v3.0 will sit out. Nalbo is prolly the only 1 who could defeat Fed at TMC.

1 thing to note about Nalbo, is that he's basically the same age as Fed, & thus has played Fed forever, going back to the Juniors days. So Nalbo doesn't have the fear factor of Fed that the other players might.

2008 looks to be exciting, with Nalbo, Nadal & Djokovic all having a realistic chance to take Fed's #1 spot.

Finally, how happy is David in that picture? Son just pwned the ATP this fall, & gets the trophy surrounded by the Parisian half-naked ladies! What's the deal with the ladies' see-through shirts? Hey, I'm not complaining, just wondering if that's that common practice in Paris? I don't think a tourney could do that in the USA, without ReThuglican theocrats going ballistic.

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