Thursday, March 15, 2007

comedy - listen to Tony Toni Tone "If I Had No Loot"

I was listening to Tony^3 "If I Had No Loot", I realized on the chorus they sample Ice Cube rapping "And you can new jack SWING on my NUTS". Back in the day like 93 when the song came out I never knew WTF what said there nor that it was Cube being sampled.

Ahh, what a fine example of sneaking obscenities into a song that gets mad pop radio play. Prolly even today that song gets played on "best of the 90s & today" KS95-type stations

The only other example I can recall of this phenomenon is when Sugar Ray "I Just Wanna Fly" had Supercat on the chorus adlibbing some Jamaican-steez english which I'm not certain but I think included some n-bombs.

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