Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day PSA

Props to the homie I Fux, who has a PSA about St. Patrick's Day, & drinking & driving

Drinking & driving is bad m'k (c) South Park teacher

Choose 1 or more of these several options to avoid drinking & driving
1 If you're at a friend's house, sleep on the floor & drive home 5 hrs later in the morning sober
2 take a cab
3 take a nap in your car for 2 hrs to sober up
4 listen to 2 albums while chilling in your car. In this age of the IPod, that shouldn't be boring.

BTW St. Patrick's Day is in honor of an Irish Bishop & missionary who evangelized many Irish pagans to convert to Christianity. I would've guessed that dude was martyred or imprisoned by his enemies, but no he supposedly died in 493 naturally at the age of 120!

So if you can inspire a holiday that gives folks an excuse to drink, you will be revered 1.5 millenniums after you die. WTF!

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I Fux said...

Good point to bring up what St.Pattys is nevertheless my PSA was tongue in cheek like always, I Really wanted to go in depth on how I have 3 family members recieve DUI's last year on various occasions but I decided I would at another time..........Peace NMB