Saturday, March 17, 2007

Josephine Baker

I was reading a Bol article about how Angelina Jolie is adopting a ridic amount of kids, in a "diversified portfolio" manner from across the globe.

The commenter "josephine baker > angelina jolie" points out that Ms. Baker (RIP) is the mother of this "globalized diversified mass adoption" steez. In other words (no Gee Dubbz Bush) Jolie ain't doing nothing new but biting Baker.

Naturally I had to ref the great wikipedia about Baker, where I learned Baker was a

1 An American woman of indigenous American (Apalachee) & African ancestry

2 a beauty (check the photo). I think she could hang with the top tier of modern day acknowledged American beauties such as Beyonce or J-Lo

3 a stand-up individual. Baker worked in the civil rights movement. One specific action she took was forcing some of her concert promoters to have her show be open to anyone (no segregation), or she would refuse to sing at the concert.

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